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Restoring 100 year old wooden floors

This is the first of a series of videos we made last November. Because of health issues I’m only getting around to editing and uploading them now

Wood and log homes restoration with fan nozzle and corn cob

Ecological corn cob blasting for wood refinishing.. The purpose of this video is to show the effectiveness of the soda blasting using our exclusive fan nozzl…

Pre-Conditioning Your Wood Surface – RockSolid Deck Restoration

RockSolid Deck Restoration™ is the world’s Toughest All-In-One Permanent Solution for deck restoration. It preserves boards that would otherwise need replaci…

Chicopee seeks help in renovating City Hall auditorium

CHICOPEE – City Messenger Jean Croteau takes a long slender piece of wood and gently presses it against one the top of one of the stained glass windows that adorn the auditorium in City Hall. It moves and it’s certainly not supposed to.

Restoration work reveals hidden Reid painting

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Earlier this month, Barry Bauman, an art conservator with three decades of experience, was in his suburban Chicago studio restoring a valuable, century-old painting for Valparaiso University's art museum. The painting was the work of the acclaimed American impressionist Robert Reid, whose paintings can fetch …