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Sawyer, MI – refinishing

Traveling thru Michigan’s southwest corner and need a quality meal?

Checkout Sawyer, Michigan’s and one of SW Michigan’s finest restaurants:

Here is some history about Sawyer Michigan:

Step back into a simpler, pleasant and more relaxed time and place. Chosen by Bloomberg Businessweek® as one of six national “under the radar … weekend retreats”, Sawyer, Michigan is just over the Indiana border and less than 90 minutes from the Chicago Loop on I-94 East at mile marker and exit 12 in Michigan’s famed harbor country.

Originally linked to the re-building and re-birth of old Chicago after the Great Fire by its lumber mills and proximity to the railways, Sawyer also served as a “working” retreat for a variety of prohibition-era mobsters

A full-size theater, a “tea” room (was it always tea in those pots?) and a dance hall were among the distractions created for gangsters and regular folks in tiny Downtown Sawyer. Long since converted into an art gallery, apartments and stores, details of the original architecture and spaces are still very much in evidence. So while you explore Downtown Sawyer, the farmlands and woodland retreats, remember to say ‘Hi’ to the ghosts of the Good-Time Crowd.

Treat yourself, your family and your friends to all that Sawyer, Michigan has to offer. Relax, and indulge all of your senses … Experience all Sawyer has to offer!

Woodmenders in Sawyer Michigan

When you stop in the various shops in Sawyer Michigan, you are likely to see some of the handy work performed by woodmenders technicians. We resurface counters, bar surfaces, restaurant booths, wooden chairs, antique tables, etc. We also perform custom finishes, custom color and paint on virtually any surface.

Have a project in mind for woodmenders?

Contact us today for all of your surface restoration projects!